Mohammad Saad Anwar – A beacon of resilience and efficiency radiating energy for a better tomorrow

Mohammad Saad Anwar - A beacon of resilience and efficiency radiating energy for a better tomorrow

The expectation of achieving a particular goal can become a challenge for many of us. We try our best to tame the harshness of reality by working hard and dedicating ourselves to a task. But sometimes life makes us realize how insignificant our deeds can be in the storms of time.


Business Outreach Magazine applauds those who break all the shackles of hurdles and walk towards the white light that calls for the peace and contentment with the meaning of our life.


We are enough when we consider the strength of our motives towards optimism. We are satiated when we show others the path to follow and pray for the success of others. And we are joyful when we are proud of the thorns we have crossed so far and still stand with the same ambition.

Today, we are happy to present to our enthusiastic readers the story of a shining suit of armor that overcame all obstacles and emerged as a leader with much compassion and gratitude. The journey of Mohammad Saad Anwar, the co-founder of Senyar Arabian Trading Company, would fill countless pages if one understands the magnitude of the struggle he has endured over the years.

Saad Anwar is a serial entrepreneur, a motivator of visionaries, a self-made millionaire and an investor who knows the importance of collaboration and trust.

Saad Anwar‘s journey began in 2016 when he graduated from high school and went for a job interview that same evening. At a time when other students would have been celebrating a milestone, Saad was conscious of his responsibilities to his family, as he had to pay bills and put food on the table. Saad started his career as an account executive at a consulting firm where he had the opportunity to learn about different niches of the industry. His time at the company lasted about 5 months as he was laid off due to a restructuring of the company.

Experience is the mother of all values, and this is also evident from Saad’s view of life. After that, he joined a startup where he understood the importance of gaining respect in the workplace as he desperately needed it. Saad was constantly looking for a mentor who would guide him in the right direction. But he had to build his reputation on his own, even if it still took some time.

Saad recalls the moments of struggle in 2017 when he kept trying to build his company. His creativity and zeal to deliver outstanding results were often exploited by some. But Saad keeps these times present in his mind as a reminder of all that he went through. In 2017, Saad also met Shahzad Latif and Husnain Akbar, whom he describes as trusted colleagues who align his goals for success.

Despite limited financial resources, they ventured into a remarkable business called Senyar Arabian Trading Co. Saad and his colleagues, especially Shahzad Latif, were very inspired and started their own business in 2018. Shahzad held Saad’s hand in times of uncertainty and instilled in him the sense of confidence and motivation. Shahzad not only became his partner but also instilled in him a sense of brotherhood. A quote by Mike Norton has inspired Saad a lot: “Never bear a grudge against the person who tells you what you need to hear; count them among your truest, most caring and most valuable friends.”

When Senyar was founded, it was a big challenge for Saad to start moving forward immediately. He accepted the challenge and took care of the front-end departments such as accounting, operations, sales and marketing while Shahzad took care of all the back-end matters such as providing indispensable advice and consultancy based on his expertise and belief in the sustainability and growth of the company. This department offered job opportunities in accounting, operations, administration, sales and marketing. Saad Anwar became the operations manager where he steered his role towards management, financial control, planning and development.

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