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The market for LED lighting has been expanding and continuing to do so in the last few years. LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes are becoming a popular light source because they are energy-efficient and have a longer life span than traditional lighting systems types for commercial and residential use. For electrical contractors or lighting product manufacturer, it is strategic to ensure that they have a source of authentic LED Module Wholesale to enable them to remain relevant in this growing market.


Advantages of buying a LED Module from a specialized Supplier While there are numerous companies that claim to supply the best LED modules, the truth is that buying a LED Module from a specialized supplier comes with the following advantages.


Rather than piecing together LED components from various vendors, partnering with a specialized LED module supplier offers several advantages:Rather than piecing together LED components from various vendors, partnering with a specialized LED module supplier offers several advantages:


To acquire readily available LED modules developed to suit the need of the particular application</li>


Cons: No access to cheaper wholesale prices which are often provided to large orders only.  


>Pre-testing of the modules to ensure quality is another advantage offered by a module-based learning model.


This implies that ordering is easy and sustainable from a single source which leaves out many procurement complications.


<li>LED technical support to enable identification of the best LED solutions for a given project </li>




Thus, a good LED module supplier should be a valuable partner for electrical and lighting businesses that seek to expand their led sales.


Due to the modular design of the LED lights, there are numerous options available out in the market for LED modules.


DC Voltage LED Modules


12V or 24V DC voltage led modules are generally used in automotive, caravan, and marine environments. Fixed and flexible waterproof DC LED modules are utilised in boat lightings to withstand humid conditions and shocks. There are possibilities to develop various types of effects, for example, RGB DC modules used for changing colors.


AC Voltage LED Modules


For general lighting AC voltage LED Modules that operates on 110- 220V AC voltage is most common. Recessed and outdoor lighting comes with high temperatures and Aluminum PCB and ceramic LED modules can handle this. Retail stores use high CRI modules to create colors that are bright and accurately reproduced.  


LED Light Engines


LED light engine units including LEDs, thermal control, and optical system increase an easy and convenient approach to fixture construction. Mid and high-power light engines are ideal for warehousing and stadium applications because of the high lumen output. Post top/Streetlight versions are also possible.


Not only this, the customer may need specific features and enhancements that are not produced by the company yet, or perhaps the customer wants their product labeled as a private label.


Beyond off-the-shelf LED modules, wholesale suppliers offer extensive customization options:Beyond off-the-shelf LED modules, wholesale suppliers offer extensive customization options:


Custom Shapes and Sizes

The modules can also be manufactured to a circle, rectangular, square, or any other design to fit the product shape that is required. It can also be realized with a specific number of LEDs or with a particular module size according to the lighting requirements.


Custom Beam Angles

Lighting requirements are considered when it comes to the viewing angle or the beam angle of LED modules. Narrow-beam and wide-beam are some of the options that may be provided by the manufacturer of the modules.


Custom Colors and Color Temperatures are very much alike but on the other hand they are quite different as well.

They are available in warm white, cool white, and neutral white to suit a variety of spaces. Combine the red, green, and blue chips to make any color for the RGB color changing LED. Adjust the hue and saturation of the color temperature to a specific level in Kelvin to satisfy aesthetic expectations. 


Private Label Branding

LED module suppliers also provide Private Branding where they can emboss the logos and branding details of the customer on the LED modules meant for incorporation into final products and systems.


Contact the wholesalers of LED products to discuss the existing standard and bespoke solutions for achieving the right specs of the module to be used in future lighting projects.


A number of people in the world prefer placing their orders online, and we do offer this service whereby you order online and get your delivery done in the shortest time possible.

Since the LED module wholesalers have the capabilities of quick turnaround, they help to address the immediate procurement demands with assured shipping services as well. When you are ready to order, simply:When you are ready to order, simply:



[en]Walking through virtual catalogs, one can get acquainted with the existing LED module series

Buy models that meet the technical criteria required for the products being ordered in the required quantity.

Obtain order confirmation and the time frame that is required for producing and delivering the products.

Concerning distribution, modules are safely packed and ensured to the respective courier service.

This is in a view of making payments safely which can be done by different methods.



Since we are market leaders and suppliers and wholesalers of LED modules ,we have the capacity of assisting the lighting product companies to invest and remain in trend in LED technology. Customers can call or contact the company online on their convenient time to place orders and start developing today’s innovative LED based fixtures and luminaires.


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