Is There A Way To Increase Male Fertility?

Is There A Way To Increase Male Fertility?

Infertility is one of the issues men face on a daily occasion these days. According to research that analysed similar issues, they are more prevalent within the United States, with one out of six men affected. It is estimated that 16% of males living in the United States alone are infertile or have signs of male infertility. This is a serious issue.

To put this into perspective, let’s look into the causes of male infertility, and the most effective treatment options.

What Is The Definition Of Male Infertility?

What exactly is male infertility? A man who is infertile is defined as a person who is unable to reproduce. Someone with infertility issues is unable to have his female partner.

Infertility could be the result of other sexual issues in some circumstances, or could be due to your lifestyle. According to research that male infertility can cause the use of medication, such as Cenforce 100 mg tablet.

What Causes Male Fertility?

It’s time to look into the reasons behind male infertility. It is essential to comprehend the root causes because this will assist you in determining the most effective treatment.

Libido Amounts Reduced

One of the main causes that males are infertile is the fact that men have low libido. The quantity of secretion released during ejaculation is not enough. This means that the sperm count of your ejaculated sperm is less and it is more difficult to conceive your female partner.

Sexual Dysfunction

One of the causes of male infertility could be ED. It was discovered that 1 in 8 males suffering from infertility or delays to an effective and long-lasting erection could be having issues with male infertility which require treatment using medications like Nizagara 100 mg.

Having A Low Sperm Count

Males might have a low sperm count. It can be difficult to make the female you are with pregnant when your number of sperm is less than normal.

Reduced Sperm Motility

The low sperm motility is a significant reason behind male infertility. The sperm cells have less mobility or motorization. Someone suffering from this disorder already suffers from less motile (movable) Sperm.

Testosterone Deficiency

It is without doubt that one of the primary causes of infertility in your body is low testosterone levels.

A Serious Drug And Alcohol Addiction

According to research it is estimated that about 40% of men who are susceptible to extreme addiction to alcohol and other narcotic substances like cocaine and marijuana might be suffering from male infertility.

Excessive Smoking

Smoking cigarettes is a second type of addiction that could make males infertile. According to research, around 20% of smokers who are habitual have this issue with their sexuality.

Resolving Male Infertility- Now we’ll discuss how you can help improve your situation. In this article, you will discuss the strategies which can aid you in becoming more fertile.


Being physically active can definitely increase the levels of testosterone in your body which can assist in improving fertility. Engaging in any physical activity, including swimming or playing certain sports can gradually boost the amount of testosterone you have in your body.

When it comes to exercising it is recommended to focus on activities that build the prostate glands, like jogging, running, cycling, skipping, and cycling. Exercise can also benefit those who take medicines such as.

Vitamin C Deficiency

Based on a variety of theories and medical studies the male infertility issue could be due to the stress of oxidative stress. To fight it, increase the intake of vitamin C which is a de-oxidizing agent that minimises damage from oxidative to Sperm cells.

There are plenty of options to choose from for you to increase the amount of vitamin C you consume. You can bring fruit such as grapes, kiwi and oranges, lemons, and strawberries along with vegetables such as cabbage, tomatoes, and cauliflower.

Maintain A Stress-Free Environment

As mentioned previously stress, anxiety, and depression are some of the most prevalent issues facing men in the present, leading to lower fertility. According to a study more than 45% of men suffering from psychological issues may suffer from issues with reproduction.

In order to recover from it you need to live a relaxed lifestyle, which includes regular yoga, meditation and adequate time for rest.

Do You Get Enough Vitamin D?

Did you know that among the top important factors that affect the testosterone level is vitamin D? In the end, in case you have low levels in this vitamin or suffer with a vitamin D deficiency it is possible that you suffer from infertility.

In the end as a result, we recommend that you seek out more sunlight exposure in order to increase the level of Vitamin D synthesis and production. Food-wise you can consume tuna, salmon, oranges, tuna, other types from dairy, cow’s liver, cod fish oil from the liver, and more.

Have Fenugreek Available

Fenugreek is a well-known culinary ingredient and an effective plant for healing. According to a study men with low levels of fenugreek are more prone to problems with reproduction. Another study showed that including the fenugreek ingredient in their diets or consuming fenugreek extracts on their own aids in increasing male fertility. This food item is especially beneficial for your health when you take medications such as Fildena 100.

Increase Your Zinc Consumption

Zinc is a vital vitamin that can boost testosterone levels and the development and health of the sperm cells. If you’re taking fertility supplements, it is important to take a look at the formula because it is likely to contain zinc. Consume eggs, shellfish and meats to boost your zinc intake through your diet.

The Last Word

As you will see, we’ve discussed the most common factors that cause male infertility within the previous sections. We have also discussed several strategies for dealing with the issue.

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