How to Make Nose Bridge Thinner?

Human beings have strange standards of beauty. They cause insecurities in even the most beautiful people and make them take drastic steps. Mostly, the nose is the target of many as the shape can range from extremely thin to thick among many people. However, it is not specifically the shape of the nose that concerns people but breathing issues emerging from it.

Thicker nose bridges can also cause various sorts of medical conditions and complications. If you are suffering from pain, it is only right to pursue treatment for thinning. There are surgical and non-surgical options; you can pick one according to your ease.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to learn and explore how you can make the nose bridge thinner and take appropriate measures to achieve your goal safely.

Top 6 Ways to Make Nose Bridge Thinner

A thinner nose bridge is the ultimate wish of many people. Some compromise with their appearance, while others are daring enough to pursue treatment to get the desired results. Learning about the available options at hand can help you make up your mind and pursue the best treatment.

Here are the most notable ways you can follow to make the nose bridge thinner and achieve a more attractive outlook.

1. Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is the basic way you can follow to make the nose bridge thinner. It is a surgical procedure that involves cutting the nose and thinning it through an incision. The treatment cannot be done without anesthesia, and it must only be performed by certified surgeons. It requires a downtime of at least a week to offer sufficient time for wounds to heal. However, the thought of getting under the knife for permanent changes scares many. Interested people often consult professional nose filler Dubai based clinics for personalized advice and follow the recommendations.

2. Septoplasty

Septoplasty is the next way to get a thinner nose bridge. It is also a surgical treatment that must be performed by certified surgeons after administering anesthesia. Septoplasty straightens the cartilage and bone between the nostrils to make the bridge appear thinner. This treatment is specifically preferable when the septum is crooked and hinders smooth breathing and sense of smell too. The surgery results are permanent, and you will have to undergo another painful surgery if you do not like its outcomes. Plan your treatment with experts to avoid any disappointments.

3. Makeup and Contouring

Makeup and contouring is the simplest and most effective way to make your nose bridge thinner. However, it is only for the time you have put the makeup on and will vanish as soon as you remove it. You can use makeup products like a concealer to give a thin and perfectly refined look to your nose bridge. Achieving the look is not as easy for those who lack makeup and contouring skills, and you might end up worsening the appearance. You can learn to contour or get your makeup done by professionals to create your desired look. It can help you experiment with your looks and stick to your preference.

4. Nose Exercises

Nose exercises are the next way to make your nose bridge thinner. Pinching the tip and flaring nostrils is the most common nose exercise, which is often recommended. However, it is not effective if the central bone of the nose is wider. No matter how hard or frequently you pinch, it will not make the bone smaller. Apart from that, nose yoga is also recommended by many people, though it lacks any evidence of being effective. Nose exercises usually only work out the muscles in the area and may not impact the shape. So, it is much better to consult professionals for result-oriented options.

5. Open Rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty is another typical way to achieve a thinner nose bridge. As the name suggests, it is open rhinoplasty surgery, which means the nose is cut open instead of smaller cuts on the sides. It requires heavy anesthesia and involves major reshaping of the nose. The surgeons might break the bone at first and then reconstruct it. Open rhinoplasty surgery comes with the risk of a noticeable scar. You must explore other treatment options or discuss them in detail with your surgeon to get the desirable results and avoid potential side effects.

6. Liquid Rhinoplasty

Liquid rhinoplasty is the last way to get a thinner nose bridge. The treatment differs from other types of rhinoplasty in that it is a non-surgical option, though it must be performed by certified practitioners. Liquid fillers are injected into specific nose areas to make the bridge appear thinner. It does not require anesthesia or incision though the practitioner might numb the specific area. The results last up to six months, and you can get it dissolved if you do not like the outcomes. Contact nose filler Dubai clinics to plan treatment with experts and achieve the desired results.

Are you unsure about a suitable treatment?

You can only be sure about the suitability of a treatment after discussing it with the experts. So, book your consultation with a certified practitioner in Dubai for personalized advice and plan a smooth treatment.

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