How To Have A Comfortable Mammogram

Going for a mammogram for the first time can make anyone nervous. The idea of undressing in front of a stranger is not very comforting. However, there is no reason to feel uncomfortable. Doctors and mammogram specialists see thousands of patients every year. They are professionals and ensure that every patient has a safe and comfortable procedure.

That being said, you can do a few things from your end to have a comfortable mammogram. Even though mammograms are lifesavers, the process can put some pressure on your breasts, causing slight pain. You can cope with the discomfort by learning a few tips and tricks. Visit an idaho mammography screening today.

Tips for a comfortable Mammogram

Schedule around your period.

When booking your mammogram appointment, make sure you book one or two weeks following your period. The days during and before menstruation can cause your breasts to become tender and sore and make them more susceptible to pain. When your breasts are compressed between two plates during the procedure, you may experience discomfort. Therefore, schedule your exam accordingly.

Tell the scheduler about your needs.

If you are prone to pain, tell the scheduler about your needs, and they may help you arrange something that makes the process more comfortable for you. The scheduler will ensure to give you more time and attention and allow the technologist to take extra measures to ensure your comfort. If you suffer from chronic pain, ask your technologist if they are equipped with the tools and skills to treat patients with your needs.

Limit your caffeine intake.

Research shows that reducing caffeine intake in women can reduce breast pain in women. If you are worried about pain or discomfort during your mammogram, consider limiting or eliminating your caffeine intake during the weeks leading up to your appointment. Commonly consumed caffeinated drinks include coffee, tea, and caffeinated soda beverages.

Stay still during the procedure.

Mammograms are not the most comfortable procedure, and standing still may not be easy. However, moving during the procedure can lead to multiple retakes, which take a toll on your breasts. The more still you are, the less time it will take to prepare the images.

Schedule with someone you like.

To make the experience more personalized and comfortable, you can choose a technologist you already know and like. It is far better to schedule with someone you trust than a stranger, as they already know what you are and are not comfortable with.

To protect yourself from breast cancer risks, book a mammogram appointment today.

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