How To Get a Personal Loan With Low-Interest Rate?

Personal loans can be an effective solution to help you with immediate funds and fulfill your emergency financial needs. These are unsecured loans offered for unrestricted use, which means you can use the amount for medical expenditures, travel needs, weddings in the family, paying for immediate business/personal expenses, or any other expense you want.

Alongside, make sure you use a personal loan EMI calculator to compare and choose a low-interest rate on your personal loan that you can easily repay within the approved loan tenure.

This is a comprehensive guide on the top 7 tips that will help you get the lowest interest rate offers from personal loan providers.

7 Tips On How To Get a Personal Loan With Low-Interest Rate

Below are some highly recommended ways to get the benefit of low-interest rates on personal loans.

1.  Improve Your Credit Score

First, increase your existing CIBIL score to grab the best deal on a low-interest-rate personal loan. Supervise your repayments, pay off existing debts, don’t miss a single payment, and keep a strict check on your CIBIL report anomalies now and then.

2.  Maintain Stability in your Employment

Stable employment or business is necessary to prove how diligently you manage your professional life. This reflects your loyalty towards your work and stability in income, which helps you grab a good personal loan deal.

3.  Keep Your CUR in Check

You may get a high-interest personal loan if you use multiple credit cards and occasionally go beyond the Credit Utilisation Ratio of a few. There is a direct link between CUR and interest rate offers. The more you use your credit limits, the lower your credit rating will be as it reflects your dependence on credit rather than on income, and eventually, it leads to higher interest rate offers on personal loans.

4.  Better Flow and Sources of Income

If you can show various sources of income and a consistent flow, you will have better chances of acquiring a personal loan at low-interest rates.

5.  Look out for Festive Offers

There are several occasions at different times of the year when all financial institutions drop the interest rate on personal loans. These offers could be during festivals like Diwali, the New Financial Year, or when the Bank Rate Market declares a low-interest offer.

6.  Always Compare Personal Loan Offers Using a Calculator

Make sure you use a Personal Loan EMI calculator and compare various personal loan providers based on the loan amount, loan tenure, interest rate, and monthly EMIs. You can modify the loan amount and loan tenure based on the interest rate offered to you.

7.  Check for Pre-Approved Personal Loan Offers

If you get pre-approved personal loan offers from financial institutions, make the most of them, as these come with lucrative interest rate offers that are affordable and within budget. These offers also come with benefits like quick disbursals and minimal documentation.


These are some of the most recommended tips and techniques that will help you on how to get a personal loan with low-interest rates. Make sure you always look for various other factors like the financial institution’s credibility, the ease of online application of loans, minimal documentation requirements, instant approvals and quick disbursal facility, consumer rating, and customer support arrangements of the financial institution before you trust one.

To secure a personal loan with a low-interest rate, focus on improving your credit score, as it heavily influences loan offers. Shop around and compare rates from various lenders to find the best deal. Consider opting for a secured loan if you can provide collateral.

A co-signer with a good credit history may also help you qualify for better rates. Presenting a stable income and a low debt-to-income ratio will further enhance your chances of obtaining a favorable interest rate.

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