How Long Do Ads Stay in Review on Facebook: Best Guide 2023

For businesses and advertisers looking to leverage the power of Facebook advertising, the question of “how long do ads stay in review on Facebook” is a common one. Understanding the review process and the factors that influence it is crucial for planning effective ad campaigns. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the duration ads typically remain in review on Facebook, the reasons behind the review process, and strategies for successful ad submissions.

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The Facebook Ad Review Process

When you create an ad on Facebook, it undergoes a review process to ensure that it complies with Facebook’s advertising policies. The goal of this review is to maintain a safe and engaging environment for users by preventing the circulation of misleading, harmful, or inappropriate content. The review process includes checking the ad’s text, imagery, and the landing page it links to.

Factors That Influence Review Duration

Several factors can affect how long your Facebook ad stays in the review process:

  1. Ad Volume: The number of ads in the queue can impact the review duration. During peak times, when many advertisers are submitting ads, the review process may take longer.
  2. Ad Content: The content of your ad plays a significant role. Ads with complex or sensitive subject matter may require more scrutiny and take longer to review.
  3. Historical Ad Performance: If you have a history of ads that violate Facebook’s policies, your ad account may be subject to additional scrutiny, potentially prolonging the review process.
  4. Target Audience: Ads targeting sensitive or regulated demographics, such as alcohol or gambling, may take longer to review due to the need for adherence to specific advertising guidelines.
  5. Ad Format: The ad format you choose can affect the review duration. For example, video ads with motion may need more time for review than static image ads.
  6. New Ad Accounts: New ad accounts might experience longer review times initially to ensure compliance with policies.

Typical Review Durations

While Facebook does not provide specific timeframes for ad review, the duration can vary widely. In general, most ads are reviewed within 24 hours. However, during peak periods or for more complex ad content, it may take up to 48 hours or more. Advertisers often receive notifications once the review is complete, and the ad is either approved or disapproved.

Why Ads Go Through a Review Process

The review process is a critical component of Facebook’s commitment to providing a safe and positive user experience. It ensures that ads on the platform meet specific standards and do not violate advertising policies. Here are some key reasons behind the review process:

  1. Adherence to Policies: The review process checks that ads comply with Facebook’s advertising policies, preventing the dissemination of misleading, inappropriate, or harmful content.
  2. User Safety: Facebook is dedicated to protecting the safety and privacy of its users. The review process helps identify and block ads that may pose a risk to users.
  3. Quality Control: The review process helps maintain the quality of content on the platform, ensuring that ads are relevant and engaging to the audience.
  4. Consistency: By applying consistent review standards, Facebook aims to create a fair and reliable advertising environment for all advertisers.
  5. Transparency: The review process promotes transparency, giving advertisers insights into why their ads were disapproved and how to make necessary adjustments for approval.

Strategies for a Smooth Review Process

To ensure a smoother ad review process on Facebook, consider the following strategies:

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Policies: Before creating ads, thoroughly review Facebook’s advertising policies to ensure compliance.
  2. Use the Ad Preview Tool: Utilize Facebook’s ad preview tool to check how your ad will appear and identify potential issues.
  3. Avoid Sensitive Content: Be cautious with sensitive topics and ensure your ad content is clear and concise.
  4. Monitor Ad Account Health: Keep your ad account in good standing by adhering to policies and maintaining a history of compliant ads.
  5. Appeal Disapprovals: If your ad is disapproved and you believe it complies with policies, consider appealing the decision through the Ads Manager.
  6. Plan Ahead: Submit ads well in advance of your campaign launch to account for potential review delays.

Final Thought

Understanding “how long do ads stay in review on Facebook” is vital for advertisers aiming to leverage the platform’s vast user base and reach potential customers effectively. The review process, while designed to ensure a safe and positive user experience, can impact ad campaign timelines.

By adhering to Facebook’s advertising policies, monitoring ad content, and being prepared for potential review delays, advertisers can navigate the review process with greater ease. This ensures that their ad campaigns run smoothly and reach the target audience within the desired timeframe.

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