Chokhi Haveli Noida: Experince Rajasthani Culture

The folk culture of India is very rich and diverse as all the states of the country have their own distinctive culture which makes it different from the others. The biggest state of India, Rajasthan has a very vibrant and mesmerising culture which captivates people when they visit Rajasthan. There are a lot of people who are interested in experiencing the various activities and crafts present in Rajasthan which is why Chokhi Dhani has been created.

This brilliant place allows people to experience the culture of the state without visiting it and in the guide, we are giving you important information regarding the same like Chokhi haveli ticket price.

Come Experience the Authenticity of Rajasthan at Chokhi Dhani 

Chokhi Dhani or Chokhi Haveli is the best place for people who have fallen in love with the amazing culture of Rajasthan. This artificially created village in Noida has all the activities and traditions which will give people a complete experience that they will usually get only in Rajasthan. The rich heritage of Rajasthan is at display in this location where you will get to experience the grandeur of the place as soon as you step foot inside it from the large Rajasthani Haveli-like entrance. 

The resort offers many fun activities for guests like pottery workshops where you can make your own creations. Children will love the puppet shows put on daily. For a unique experience, take a ride on a camel into the desert surroundings. The locally inspired Rajasthani cuisine is not to be missed, with flavors that will have your taste buds dancing.

What is the ticket price for Chokhi Dhani in Noida?

The important thing that people are interested in knowing is the choke dhani noida ticket price and you will be very happy to know that the place is not very expensive. You will get to experience all the major activities at the place at a very affordable rate. Adults only need to pay Rs. 400 to spend one day in the place whereas, the cost of the ticket for children is Rs. 350. You see it is not very expensive to have an amazing day at this magnificent place with your friends and family. 

Chokhi Haveli noida ticket price will include all the things that we are listing here and you will observe that your entire day will be filled by doing all the activities given here. 

  1. Live Performances – Cultural songs, dances on main stage showing.
  2. Traditional Folk Dance – Cultural dance shows by folk dancers .
  3. Traditional Musical Performance- Melodious music on ethnic instruments.
  4. Magic show – Stage magic tricks by expert magicians surprise.
  5. Astrology – Fortune telling by astrologers readings included.
  6. Puppet show – Fun cultural show for kids by puppets acting.
  7. Mehndi Artists – Henna application artists for hands, legs designs.
  8. Pottery Makers – Watching live pottery making by traditional craftsmen.
  9. Unlimited Food for one course either Dinner or lunch- Buffet meal, snacks all day. 

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