All You Need To Know About Custom TriPanel Folders

For businesses that deal with documents and for corporate organizations, folders are very important for the safety and presentation of documents. Custom tripanel folders are best for such enterprises. 

These folders keep the documents organized and at the same time give a graceful look to the documents. If you intend to increase your brand’s professional outlook and protect important documents, you must invest in these folders. 

What Are Custom Printed Tripanel Folders? 

Tripanel folders are unique kind of folders that are used in the presentations and organization of important documents. This folder has three flaps, one is the base flap and the other two are covering lapels. 

The base panel of this folder has a pocket in it, that is used for the placement of documents. The other two flaps give coverage to the documents and are called locking flaps. For official meetings and presentations, these folders are extremely useful. 

Attractive And Graceful Designs 

No doubt, folders are very important to keep the documents organized. The designs of these folders are equally important for the documents. Always choose a non-traditional design to give an elegant look to your paneled folders. 

You can use catchy artwork and graphics for an attractive folder. Besides this, the material selection and printing make the design different from other companies.

There are endless varieties to design a folder. Edit your design as per your company’s requirements and choose a personalized size and style for your documents. 

Attractive Printings 

Printing of custom tripanel folders should be according to the requirements of your documents. For memorable presentations and meetings, their role cannot be neglected. 

You can put your business logo or quotes related to your presentations to leave a remark on the mind of your audience.  Attractive and convincing printing techniques make beautiful and captivating folders. 

Material Used In Manufacturing 

Although, a variety of materials is present in the manufacturing of custom tripanel folders wholesale cardstock is commonly used. This material is hard and sturdy so the protection of documents is ensured. Moreover, the thin sheet of lamination makes it slightly waterproof. 

This feature helps in the protection of documents from mild humidity. Cardstock is very useful as it creates long-lasting folders. 

Marketing Tools 

Tripanel folder can be used as a marketing tool. This can be possible with the use of a logo and other related information about your company.  You can put the signature theme line of your company and increase recognition. 

Light In Weight 

As mentioned earlier, custom printed tripanel folders wholesale are made of cardstock. Cardstock is easy to mold in different shapes. It is also best suited for shipping or during transit due to its weight. 


It is usually perceived that the customization process is very expensive and that it is a difficult task to perform. But the reality is different. Customization of folders in bulk reduces the overall cost of folder manufacturing and can be done with ease. 

Moreover, you can use die cut printed folders as a branding device for your company. These folders are an inexpensive way to advertise your brand name. As their raw material is durable, so the folders do not require early replacement which makes these folders sustainable. 

Eco-friendly Options 

Custom die cut folders are made of cardstock, which is a degradable material. So besides providing a presentable look and safety to your documents. These folders are also helpful in reducing pollution. Climate-conscious customers will surely get attracted to this. Ultimately your brand’s image will improve. 


Custom tripanel folders have a synergistic effect on your brand image. The better you customize these folders, the more you become certain of your company’s growth. With the use of unconventional designing and printing techniques, you can foreshadow your rivals. 

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