Will Smith’s 385 lbs Bench Push is No Match to Dwayne Johnson and Two Much more WWE Stars Turned Actors

An individual of probably the most important belongings it’s a must to have if you wish to be a prime-tier action-packed film actor is your physique. As well as, the actors operate actually troublesome to make enhancements to their physique.


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Furthermore, as for every the Bar Bell research, Will Smith does a bench push of 385 lbs. Even so, it’s significantly absent from what Dwayne Johnson and the opposite WWE-turned actors do.


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Smith, 53, has an excellent physique. As for every the report, Smith’s coach claims that though schooling for I, Robotic (2004), Smith attained a particular person best possible of 385 kilos bench press.

Nevertheless, WWE legends turned actors do means heavier bench presses. As well as, The Rock over the has saved on developing his physique and switch into substantial muscular. As for every the an identical report, Dwayne Johnson did 450lbs at his peak.

As well as, “The Animal” Subsequent his departure from WWE, Dave Bautista has been in various notable movies, resembling Guardians of the Galaxy, Infinity Conflict, and a few others. Additionally, via his WWE occasions, Bautista executed a 450-pound bench press equal to Dwayne Johnson’s.

Nevertheless, John Cena obtained the heaviest bench push. When Cena was 38 years earlier, he skilled carried out a 487-pound bench press. As well as, Cena was so close to to the distinctive 500 Membership. In 2015, he shared a video clip on Twitter of executing a 487lbs bench push.

On prime of that, WWE Legends turned actors considerably outperformed Will Smith. Given that of their pro-wrestling profession, they needed to create a superior physique, which needed them to raise heavier than different gurus.

Who can bench push extra Dwayne Johnson or Shaquille O’Neal?

Dwayne Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal share a substantial amount of similarities. Each luminaries have developed huge admirer bases about their distinct careers, not solely given that of their work but additionally primarily due to their fascinating personalities.


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Shaq disclosed his best bench so far, however he was additionally forthcoming in regards to the kilos he presently benches. “My most was 475,” he stated. I’m now at 415. I’ve a horrible shoulder, however I’m doing work powerful to get again to that. I did it two occasions in my key.”

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And as per The Bar Bell report, Dwayne Johnson has guarantees to do 450lbs at his peak. However, in an interview with WIRED, The Individuals’s Champ stated that he doesn’t depend kilos and benches amongst 400 and 500 kilos.


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In conclusion, Shaq And Johnson authorities virtually equal array of bench presses.


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