Why Do Doctors & Nurses Wear Scrubs?

Medicine is a noble profession. People in this profession have a lot of responsibility for their duty and their patients. Be it a doctor or a nurse, a very big part of the job is to keep your patients and surroundings safe. The hospital uniform for the medical staff scrubs is not just a uniform to display uniformity but multiple garments that make up the uniform for hygienic purposes.

As doctors and nurses get pretty close to patients when treating or operating on them, the right measures have to be in place to avoid any unwanted inconveniences that might harm the patient. The surgical caps, face masks, gloves, and scrubbing are all part of the protocol that has to be followed.

Many question the significant role of scrubs might not be a necessity but there is validation to the query and we are going to answer just that in this article. Besides this, scrubs are beneficial for many other reasons as well. Keep on reading to find out more.

For Patient Safety

It is called a noble profession because doctors and nurses are responsible for their patients’ health which is the biggest priority at any medical institution. Even minor negligence towards hygiene can cause contamination, putting the already ailing at a much higher risk.

The head is a warm surface and attracts dirt and other particles that might be in the atmosphere. This dirt can be a liability for the patients which is why keeping the head covered with scrub caps when dealing with patients is necessary. A scrub cap also helps the hair from falling everywhere as they might be contagious too.

The uniforms are crafted from fabrics that are high quality and designed for medical professionals especially keeping in view their requirements. The fabric contains antimicrobial properties that restrict the spread of bacteria and germs, hence, keeping the patient and surroundings safe and healthy.

Easy Identification

Often hospitals have color-coded uniforms for different departments or to different doctors or nurses including the scrub caps. It makes identifying easier for people whether they want to approach a doctor or a nurse.

The differentiation of colors and patterns totally depends upon the hospital. Mostly, professionals who work in the pediatric department or with the elderly wear different colored scrubs and caps.

This presents a professional environment that is organized and streamlined as well as creates a reassuring sense for the patients and their families. They will feel like they can trust the hospital when everything is working with a system.

For Medical Personnel’s Safety

As a hospital has to be sanitized multiple times, the cleaning is done with chemicals that can be harsh on the scalp and skin. The scrub caps not only protect the patients but also help keep the staff safe from these chemicals and particles in the air as well.

Also, for the medical personnel working in a lab or with critical care patients whose illness might affect the caregiver as well, the surgical caps and scrubs prove to be of great use. Clean and sanitary clothing covers the body completely and protects the doctors and nurses from harmful substances.

Budget-Friendly Clothing

Scrubs are quite a cheaper clothing option than regular jeans or t-shirts. When you work at a certain place you can’t just have a few options, you obviously need a large wardrobe. But scrubs are the alternative that not only saves the extra money but keeps you safe as well.

The working hours of doctors and nurses are pretty inconvenient, sometimes they are covering night shifts and sometimes day shifts of 12 hours or even longer. The scrubs provide them the durability and comfort required to be agile at all times which regular clothing cannot.

Provide Ease

The job of medical personnel is tough, requiring all their attention and demanding to put their patient’s needs first which is why they can’t be worrying about clothes. Whereas the scrubs can take a lot off their mind and help them focus on the job at hand.

The fabric scrubs and scrub caps are moisture-wicking so they can stay cool during work, the construction of the clothing provides them flexibility and room for movement without restriction. It allows ventilation and airflow so there is a very minimal chance left for them to get distracted because of clothing on duty.

Customization for Brad Awareness

Personalized scrubs and scrub caps with your hospital logo and name donned by the doctors and nurses help create brand awareness among the masses. Almost every hospital requires its staff to wear scrubs but not all of them are customized. Providing custom scrubs and custom scrub caps to the staff aids in drawing attention to the brand name and making it stand out among the sea of competitors.

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