Video Production Services: Video Trends For Marketing in India

In a world full of enthusiasts, brands in different industries are pushing their limits to serve all of them, but some brands face difficulty getting the exposure they deserve. To overcome these setbacks, today, brands use numerous video production services that cover almost every aspect of video. Video is one the best ways to leave a deep impact on viewers. According to 66% online users, video is the most engaging content on social media. That’s why every top brand is using videos in their marketing campaigns. Well-established brands like Puma, Amazon, H&M, Groww, and more trust video production agencies and collaborate with them to make some of the well-researched and engaging videos that can add value to brand’s audience. 

As per our earlier discussion, we stated that well-established brands in different industries are using videos, and here’s why:

  • Videos increase brand awareness drastically depending on the various factors.
  • Enhancing the brand’s perceptions is one of the main parts to focus on when creating videos, which is why high-end brands collaborate with video production companies to create videos with well-researched and uncommon strategies.
  • Improving the ROI of the brand with videos is one of the finest uses of video production. Videos help brands drive sales, generate leads, and more.

Now, let’s take a look at how the video intends to create hype for BOAT’s IPL Move of Champions and give the brand a hint of comedy and music, the video brand teamed up with 40 micro GEN-Z influencers with an engagement rate above 5%. As a result, the production company gained over 900K+ reach with 40+ video deliveries in a two-week video campaign on Instagram the video agency helps brands hit the jackpot with successful video campaigns:

How Top Brand Boat Used Video Content As in Their Video Marketing Strategies

A team-up with BOAT, the leading video production house, aided the brand in reaching over 900K views in just two weeks, and here’s how:

Since we know how the video brand helped BOAT improve its reach, and you have read so far, it is time for the bonus. To find which video production agency has helped BOAT become the most liked brand among the audience. The production brand’s name is Vidzy.

Vidzy is top video production company in India, they have been helping businesses for over six years and has worked with 1,200+ companies. Vidzy has collaborated with brands in some of the largest industries, such as finance, food, beauty, skincare, and more, which includes brands like Amazon, Paytm, BOAT, H&M, Country Delight, more.


Now that we have understood what Vidzy is and its accomplishments. Let’s spend our time learning video services and how they can help brands achieve goals.

Video Production Company: Video Marketing Trends For Brand’s Business Growth

Social media is a unique place that helps brands maximize interaction with the audience in the form of video content, these videos are made up of some of the most engaging storylines and are based on ongoing social media trends. The trends are a particular type of videos to which the video production company helps brands add their own spice and create videos that are engaging and personalized with the audience. 

Video production services are helping brands with their every brand goal, from spreading awareness to generating high-end leads. Videos have been the top solution for every problem, and in this section of the article, we will see how videos trends uplift your brands growth, so let’s get started.


Power Of Influencer-based Social Media Videos, Help Your brand Maximize The Intake Of The Organic Audience.

The influencer-based social media videos have been helping brands since the start. For beauty brands, they can be the GRWM videos and What I Eat in a Day for food brands. These videos are known to bring the maximum amount of organic traffic, and if made with the help of an influencer, these videos can aid in building trust among the audience and generate leads. 

The video agency helps brands in all sectors create highly engaging influencer-based social media videos that aid in spreading awareness, boosting engagement and reach, generating leads, and maximizing organic traffic.

Fueling Sales With Influencer-Based Ad Videos:

These videos are the ones we see on the internet between scrolling reels and watching YouTube videos, which we can’t lie are very much converting. These videos generate an inorganic audience with the power of a well-known influencer in the brand’s respective sector. To understand this field of video production better, let’s serve our brains with an example in an ad video of a dating app named Aisle with a famous influencer, Vagmita Singh, aka thatindianchick_ explains what kind of dating experience she wants and what she has been getting and as a call-to-action, in the end, she says that people can find their perfect match on Aisle. As a result, Aisle has over 50 Lakh app downloads with a rating of 4.5.

The video production house helps brands create ad videos, which supports them in maximizing the result of the brand’s goals.

Increase Your Product Interactions And Sales With Influencer-Based Product and service videos:

We all see influencers talking about a brand’s product while showcasing their results, and yes, these videos are for the same. Brands create influencer-based product and service videos to show their audience how the product looks and virtually interact with it. These videos help brands display the product’s features and explain its main points while portraying the results. For instance, beauty brands use these videos dramatically, and with the hint of an influencer’s touch, the influencer-based product and service videos work magically. These videos help generate more leads, boost sales, and improve ROI.

Build Trust Among The Audience With The UGC Videos:

UGC videos work in the same way as testimonial videos. As testimonials and review videos, these videos show an individual explaining the product, its usage, and its results, but instead of a famous influencer, the explainer is a regular user of the product.

User-generated content videos are videos made by real-life users. These videos help the brand gain trust among the audience, which leads to maximum sales and an enhanced ROI. The video production company aids brands in finding product reviews and creating a video that helps potential customers understand the product better while improving the chances of being sold.

Enhance The Trust And Relationship With The Audience With The Corporate Videos:

Corporate videos have been around to make new relationships and keep engaging the old ones. These videos are versatile and help brands preserve the business on top while fulfilling the brand’s mission and vision. Video agencies make these videos most compellingly and engagingly with a hint of personalization. These videos help the audience get to know the brand better and promote transparency between both the brand and its audience.

These videos help brands build relationships, show transparency, and retain customers.

Target The Remaining 52% Of The Audience With TV Commercials:

In India, only 48% of the whole population uses the internet, and for the remaining 52%, TV commercials are the best way to promote your products. 

The need for this practice varies according to the brand’s target audience and where they are present. For instance, the elderly audience of India doesn’t use the internet that much. So, if you’re a brand that sells medicine, such as TATA 1mg and Apollo Pharmacy, brands can promote their products to the golden agers with the help of TV commercials. The video agency creates TV commercials that pitch to the right audience and help them buy the products.

Now that we know how video company works and all of their high-end services, let’s take a look at why brands hire them.

Why Brands Hire The Top Video Production Agency in India:

While providing some of the best video production services, video brands are known for some other specialties. Why should they hire video production agency for your brands. These areas of expertise work as the cherry on the cake for the agency. Let’s understand what these are.

Nurture Your Brand With Some Of The Most Engaging And Compelling Videos: 

Your audience wants to get in contact with you, and trust me when we say really in contact. Making videos engaging and compelling helps brands to interact with the audience and understand what they like the most. As a sign of some of the most engaging videos, the audience likes, comments, and shares the video content, and the engagement rate increases if the brand decides to reply to their comments and solve their queries. Getting a reply back gives the audience a hint of being heard and makes them feel appreciated. 

The video production agency creates the most engaging and compelling videos, which helps brands get maximum engagement. 

Watch Your Brand Gain Maximum ROI:

Videos fulfill the brand’s business needs, whether spreading awareness or making more sales. Every small step into video production can lead to the financial betterment of the business, so brands must remember to hire a video house that knows what it is doing. Vidzy has been helping brands for over six years and has been a part of some of the life-changing video campaigns for the brands.

Providing All Three Parts Of Video Production Process:

Video production is a process with many steps, but all of those get packed into three main parts: pre-production, production, and post-production. 

The pre-production is the one in which the video production team researches, creates strategy, finds influencers, writes the storyline, and finds location.

In the production part, all the teams come together to shoot the video, edit it, synchronize audio and video, and hand it to the brand. 

Lastly, the post-production includes providing the brand with a personal brand manager who helps the video campaigns perform better. Vidzy has been nailing in all those steps and providing brands with some of the most successful video campaigns.


Video production houses have been and will keep helping brands in every sector across the globe to make things better. Hiring a video house can take a load off a brand’s shoulder to craft the most engaging video of all time. The house researches and strategizes the content while providing brands with the best storyline. Vidzy is the video production company that your brand needs, so hire it as your video agency to become a part of the pioneer companies in your sector.




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