Understanding the Benefits of Clipsal RCBOs for Electrical Safety

RCBOs or Residual Current Breakers with Over-Currents are devices that give protection against earth leakage current and overcurrent flowing to switchboards. This device combines actions of both MCB and RCD, providing rapid disconnection of electricity if there are any faults in the switchboards. 

If you are planning to install a brand-new electricity circuit in your house, it is a must to install a Clipsal RCBO. It will protect you and your family from potentially serious shocks.

Read this piece to learn about all benefits of RCBOs for electrical safety in your house.

Benefits of Installing a Clipsal RCBO for Electrical Safety

Clipsal RCBOs are designed to ensure the safety of electrical circuits and switchboards. Here are all the benefits you can avail by installing Clipsal RCBOs in your house’s electrical circuits: 

  • Protection of Both MCB and RCD from One Single Device

Earlier homeowners had to buy both Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB) and Residual Current Devices (RCD) separately. Nowadays Clipsal RCBOs provide functions for both devices to ensure power supply safety. 

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  • Compact Size Ensuring Breathing Space Between Wires

Even though it performs the work of both RCDs and MCBs, it takes even less space than one MCB. Congested wiring is one of the primary reasons for electrical hazards. Clipsal RCBOs ensure that there is enough breathing space between wires inside the switchboards.  

  • Quick and Easy Installation

Electrical technicians require very little time to install Clipsal RCBOs. Earlier they had to install MCBs and RCDs separately, which used to take double the time. Electricians recommend buying Clipsal RCBOs over the two separate devices due to the quick and easy installation of this device. 

  • Simplified Troubleshooting Than Other Overcurrent Protection Devices 

If any faults in the power supply appear, the Clipsal RCBO reliably disconnects all the poles to stop the power supply. It means that the troubleshooting is simple for technicians to identify. If any other device was installed apart from the Clipsal RCBO, it would take the electricians to perform several tests to understand the problem. 

  • Increases the Lifespan of the Electrical Circuits of Houses

On average, a Clipsal RCBO lasts for 20000 operations, meaning that it is going to last for a long period. It increases the lifespan of the whole electrical circuit of your house. It also protects the wiring of your house by stopping the power supply in case of any over-current flow. 

Types of Clipsal RCBOs for Electrical Safety of Houses

Clipsal offers a variety of RCBOs to ensure the safety of your house. Here is a list of the types of RCBO available at online electrical wholesalers in Australia. 

  • MAX4: Clipsal MAX4 RCBO offers a complete solution for single-phase and multiple-phase electrical installation. It is the most premium product in the line-up of Clipsal RCBOs. 
  • SLIM: Clipsal Slim RCBO series offers up to 10 times faster installations for the technicians. It also provides extra protection with Type A RCD to sense a.c. and the pulsating d.c.
  • 2 Module: The 2-module variant of RCBO from Clipsal comes with Type-A earth leakage protection. Which offers up to 10 mA earth leakage sensitivity. 
  • 3 Phase Variant: The 3 Phase RCBO from Clipsal offers the best-in-class IP40 rating. This makes it protected from tools and small wires greater than 1 millimetre.
  • Type A: This type of RCBO offers tripping for slowly rising or suddenly applied flow of residual sinusoidal alternating currents and residual pulsating direct currents. 
  • Type SI: Type SI from the range of RCBOs of Clipsal offers all the benefits of Type A RCBO along with Super Immunised (SI) earth leakage protection.

Difference Between MCB and RCBO

The most essential difference between an MCB and an RCBO is that MCB does not provide earth leakage protection. Whereas an RCBO protects against earth leakage and faults. 

Other than this function, MCB monitors the flow of current and interrupts circuits during overloads and short circuits. However, the RCBO monitors the current flow through the neutral line and its return flow. It can protect the electrical circuits of houses from earth leakage, short circuit, and overcurrent flow. 

Since you have a proper idea of the functions and benefits of Clipsal RCBO for electrical safety. Keep these factors in mind before purchasing an RCBO for safety purposes in your house. And always remember the safety of your house comes first before anything else, so do not compromise on the quality because of monetary restrictions.

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