Top Micro Influencers in India 

Top Micro Influencers in India 

Influencer marketing has penetrated almost all industries, and undoubtedly, you would be thinking about influencers with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers as being the most favorable drivers of a successful campaign. But there is a sub-strata of subject matter experts proving they can deliver similar impact without having the large following as their mega or macro counterparts – they are micro influencers.

Grynow – the best influencer marketing agency in India has observed an upward trend in micro-influencer recruitment among big and small brands. This is because micro influencers have concentrated their activities on niche subjects, thus giving businesses access to close-knit communities, who engage more and have a better probability of converting on the brand goals. Other factors include the significantly lower cost of hiring micro-influencers and personalized connectivity shared between these subject experts and their audience, making their content more persuasive.

Top Micro Instagrammers in India

Rituka and Baby Saksham 

The mother-son duo of Ritika and Aaksham has taken the internet by storm with the fantastic on-screen pairing. The CA mother is a popular lifestyle and fashion influencer who shares parenting tips for new mothers. Rituka posts a wide variety of content on her Instagram and YouTube handles. She plays games and spends quality time with her son doing leisure activities. The busy mom is handling her role as a mother splendidly. Rituka reviews kid’s toys, foods, and other hygienic products in her content. 

Rituka’s advice can help new mothers develop the skills to handle toddlers. The influencer gets tons of engagement every day on Instagram. Rituka has successfully established herself as one of the best micro Influencers in India, and she is on the radar of brands who want to target a very niche customer segment with personalized products.

Rimpi Jakhwal 

Next on our list of top micro Influencers in India is Rimpi Jakhwal, a budding entrepreneur who has amassed a dedicated following on Instagram through her Lifestyle, travel, beauty, skincare, and haircare content. Rimpy has a charming personality, which attracts people to her profile. She interacts with her followers in comments. Rimpi Jakhwal organizes Q&A sessions to acquire audience feedback and offer experienced opinions and suggestions.

Rimpy loves to share her moments with family and friends. She is an avid traveler who explores the cultures of different places. Rimpy also has an eye for fashion, reflected in her ethnic and modern outfit combinations.

Kiran Rathod 

Kiran Rathod is a Diva with many talents. She is a famous fashion, Lifestyle, and beauty YouTuber and content creator who provides valuable tips and tricks about food, fitness, parenting, and Technology. Kiran’s charming personality has helped her create a close-knit community that offers high engagement. 

Kiran Rathod is the brand ambassador for Urban Company. The Indian micro-influencer has worked with brands from industries including clothing, kidswear, jewelry, education shopping, and fashion. She has displayed effective teamwork when collaborating with fellow influencers. Her hard work and consistent effort to provide value-added services to her audience have earned Kiran several awards and accolades, including the Mrs Rajasthan 2023 Viewers Choice Award.

BTS Boy Rocky 

BTS boy Rocky is among the most uniquely talented content creators on Instagram and one of India’s most popular micro Influencers. He possesses multiple talents coupled with unmatchable humor and the ability to communicate with his audience through light-hearted commentary. Rocky uploads funny skits, music, and dance content regularly. Rocky has collaborated with other Influencers and celebrities. 

You can catch BTS Rocky performing many activities that you can relate to. He is a godly man who expresses his devotion through music. Furthermore, Rocky shares his moments and talks about his village and friends. Other activities of this micro-influencer include spending time in nature, capturing pictures and videos of flora and fauna, and posting inspirational content.

Palak Sheth Ghose 

Palak Seth Ghosh is a Lifestyle beauty and fashion influencer from India who uses Instagram to represent her everyday life visually. She shares skincare tips, OOTD ( outfit of the day), travel diaries, recipes, workouts, behind-the-scenes moments, and makeup tips on her IG profile. 

Palak has worked with many brands who recruit her for their promotional campaigns. She shares a top product listing, conveys honest and biased opinions, and offers discounts or promo codes to help her followers get the best for their money. As a wife and mother, she wants to motivate people to lead their best lives. Palak Sheth Ghose adopts many healthy practices, which she shares through high-quality pictures and videos on Instagram.

Gufran Shaikh 

Gufran Shaikh, aka Mr. Hyper, is a pharmacist and content creator who has expanded his expertise into multiple verticals. He posts content about travel, music, and fashion. With daily motivation and inspiration, Gufran can compel you to take up productive practices and use your time wisely.

Other topics Gufran covers in his content include Technology, communication festivals, and clothing. As one of the best micro Influencers in India, Gufran Shaikh has established a presence on prominent social media handles.


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