The Best Schools in Noida for Nursery Admission

Noida is amongst the leading cities in India when it comes to employment opportunities and quality of life. This is quite evident by the excellent state of its infrastructure and the fact that it has a large number of fabulous schools where the children of the residents of Noida receive world class education. Let us look at the nursery admission Noida scene in this article and find out which schools are the most highly rated ones.

List of The Best Schools in Noida for Nursery Admission

  1. Global Indian International School Noida

Global Indian International School Noida is one of the best pre nursery to grade 12 schools in the town. It boasts a sprawling campus that offers every facility and amenity expected of a world class international school. The teachers employed by the school are known to be amongst the most experienced and qualified anywhere and leave no stone unturned in providing a world class holistic education to its students.

The curricula offered by the school are Global Montessori Plus for pre-nursery to KG 2 classes and CBSE for the rest of the school. Noida school admission 2023-24 is certainly a great idea, given the school’s pedigree and track record.

  1. Delhi Public School Noida

When it comes to nursery admission Noida, Delhi Public School Noida is often the first choice for parents. One of the most iconic nursery to grade 12 schools in the city, it draws its prestige from its association with DPS Society New Delhi, which is nationally and internationally renowned for its stellar network of schools. 

The school is easily recognizable on account of its aesthetically pleasing red brick lined buildings that give its campus a very serene look. This CBSE co-educational school is indeed an ideal candidate for Noida school admission 20233 24, as the parents living in the city know that studying in this school will augur very well for their children’s future.

  1. Indus Valley School Noida

Indus Valley School Noida is located in Sector 62 Noida which is an IT hub and is close to many residential societies housing technology professionals and their families. This nursery to grade 12 school is one of the most awarded ones on account of the high quality of education provided by it. 

The school believes in providing its students with a holistic 21st-century education that attaches importance to both academics and extracurricular activities.  This is a great school to consider for Noida school admission 2023 24 on account of its excellent academic record with many of its students going on to crack the NEET and IIT Advanced entrance examinations



Getting Noida school admission 2023 24 would be on the minds of most parents whose children are of school-going age. Fortunately, nursery school admission in Noida is easily obtained on account of the large number of very good schools present in the city. These schools range from the best CBSE to Cambridge and International Baccalaureate ones and do a great job of catering to the diverse educational needs of children. No wonder, Noida is such a favourite destination for parents with children of school going age.

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