January 30, 2023

Skin in the activity: Two typical skin problems and options for men


When I was on the junior varsity basketball staff in significant university, I was not astonished when I developed a circumstance of itchy, flaky athlete’s foot. Soon after all, I was an “athlete,” so I assumed it was a indicator of devotion and tricky function.

I was shocked when my mom informed me the truth of the matter: it was because of to bad foot cleanliness, not my dribbling abilities.

Speedy-ahead pretty much four a long time, and I’m significantly far more diligent about skin treatment. Even now, some skin difficulties plague me at occasions, like they do many adult males. Below is a glance at two popular challenges and solutions.

Dry skin

Signs and symptoms of dry skin include scaly patches (with or without the need of redness), itching, and in general dryness. You can get dry skin year-round — from the major warmth of summertime to the bitter cold of winter. Solar exposure damages pores and skin, leaving it thinner and much less most likely to hold in humidity about time. Also, growing older skin makes much less of the all-natural oils that continue to keep pores and skin lubricated.

Therapy. The first line of protection is a moisturizer that softens and smooths skin with h2o and lipids (fats). Some moisturizers draw in h2o to the pores and skin and seal it in. Other folks protect against dampness decline by coating skin with a thick, impermeable layer.

  • Petroleum jelly. This waxy, greasy substance stops water reduction with no clogging pores. It can be utilized by alone but is also an component in lots of moisturizers and ointments. Since petroleum jelly doesn’t contain drinking water, it is greatest employed when the pores and skin is nonetheless damp right after bathing to seal in humidity.
  • Mineral oil. Mineral oil has the similar effect but devoid of a greasy sensation. It also ought to be used while skin is moist.
  • Moisturizing lotions and lotions. These items include the two water and oils. They’re considerably less greasy and extra cosmetically appealing than petroleum jelly or oils. Appear for moisturizers with at least just one of the pursuing components: glycerin, urea, pyroglutamic acid, sorbitol, lactic acid, lactate salts, or alpha hydroxy acids.

Prevention. Attempt a couple alterations to assist reduce dry skin:

  • Add dampness to the air with a humidifier or a pan of water set atop the radiator.
  • In the shower or bathtub, use lukewarm drinking water (incredibly hot drinking water can dry the pores and skin by stripping it of normal oils).
  • Select nondrying soaps with no abrasives or irritants. Tremendous-fatted soaps or cleansing bars are significantly less drying than typical, liquid, or antibacterial soaps.
  • To retain the drinking water your skin absorbs although showering or bathing, apply jelly, oil, or moisturizer right away afterward.

Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is induced by dermatophytes, a group of fungi on the area of the skin. Explain to-tale indications involve intensive itching cracked, blistered, or peeling places of skin, particularly among the toes and redness and scaling on the soles. Dermatophytes prosper in warm, moist environments like swimming pools, showers, and locker rooms where men and women stroll with bare toes. The heat, moist ecosystem of sweaty socks and shoes encourages them to expand.

Remedy. Initially, check out an about-the-counter antifungal ointment, product, or powder, these kinds of as clotrimazole (Lotrimin AF, Mycelex, generic), terbinafine (Lamisil AT, Silka,), or miconazole (Lotrimin AF spray, Micatin). It can consider months for an an infection to strengthen, and recurrences are popular. If signs or symptoms do not strengthen soon after many weeks, seek advice from a health care provider, who may perhaps prescribe antifungal drugs.

Avoidance. Preserving toes cleanse and dry is the finest way to ward off athlete’s foot. Also, do the pursuing:

  • Wash your ft nicely just about every working day, and wear a cleanse pair of socks following your bath or shower.
  • Consider time to dry your toes thoroughly (including every toe and primarily the world wide web room involving the toes) just after you bathe, shower, or swim.
  • Use flip-flops or sandals all-around general public pools and in fitness center locker rooms and showers.
  • Have on dampness-wicking socks that absorb sweat.
  • Do not use the similar sneakers two times in a row. Give shoes a 24-hour crack in between wearings to air out and dry.

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