Promoting creativity and critical thinking in the classroom

The ability to think critically and creatively is one that pupils need to develop as they become older. It is a skill that inspires one to think differently, enables one to produce original ideas, and gives creative solutions to problems. Kids must be taught to think critically and creatively to create a group of change-makers.

Through their innovative solutions, students can stand out from their competitors. Abu Dhabi Indian School provides a suitable learning environment for the kids to develop essential skills. Let’s look at how schools help build critical thinking and creativity in the classrooms.

What is Creativity

The ability to come up with fresh, original ideas or concepts, link seemingly unconnected items, and think beyond the box are all examples of creativity. There are numerous varieties of creativity, including artistic or visual, technological, social, or collaborative.

Classroom activities to encourage creativity 

  • Encourage kids to play Creative games in the classroom. Puzzles, treasure hunts, riddles, writing poetry, writing stories, and activities encourage student teamwork. To beat and win the games, kids start thinking creatively to find solutions and ideas.
  • An excellent technique to hone creative thinking abilities is to brainstorm. By forming groups where everyone writes down their ideas simultaneously and then shares them with the other group members for criticism, brainstorming aids in creating new ideas. It has been demonstrated that using this method helps students become more creative and productive.
  • Reading greatly increases pupils’ creativity and critical-thinking abilities. It improves the imagination of the kids. Reading exercises help children learn the language’s intricacies, enhancing their language abilities. It allows them to communicate their views more effectively.

What is Critical Thinking

Critical thinking encourages students to make connections between ideas, work through issues creatively, and apply what they have learned in novel ways.

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Classroom activities to encourage critical thinking

  • Encouraging students to ask open-ended questions helps them apply what they have learned. Additionally, it helps children think quickly and solve problems, allowing them to express themselves in front of their classmates.
  • Another great technique to promote critical thinking is through group projects and conversations. In addition to exposing students to their classmates’ thought processes, cooperative learning broadens their perspective by showing them that there are many valid approaches to solving problems.
  • Teaching critical thinking requires making connections between many ideas. For instance, primary school instructors can ask their pupils whether they know somebody who commutes to work via bus and, if so, why it would be crucial for that person to have a train schedule. Children are assisted in applying existing information to new contexts by questions that encourage them to think about various scenarios like delayed buses, for instance, and viable solutions like riding the train instead).

Creative thinking and creativity abilities are crucial for students to succeed academically and in life. It is essential to teach students “how to think” instead of “what to think.” Preschool in Abu Dhabi offers various exercises in the classroom to help the kids become more creative thinkers.

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