March 21, 2023
Learn how to Do the Tate Press for Thicker Arms and Greater Urgent Numbers

Learn how to Do the Tate Press for Thicker Arms and Greater Urgent Numbers

If you wish to enhance just about any urgent motion in your coaching, you’ve acquired to construct robust triceps. Desire a stronger overhead press? Goal your triceps so as to add muscle mass and enhance elbow stability. Can’t lock out your bench press? Construct larger triceps. Including triceps isolation workout routines, just like the Tate press, is a technique so as to add extra TLC to your triceps coaching — and enhance your total urgent sport.

Bench presses and overhead lifts do develop your triceps. However with these compound strikes, larger muscle teams like your chest and shoulders can typically overpower your triceps. With triceps isolation coaching, you’ll be able to ensure you deal with any triceps weaknesses and imbalances that could be inflicting a plateau. 

Workout routines such because the Tate press — named after elite powerlifter and proprietor of EliteFTS, Dave Tate — gained’t solely enhance triceps muscle mass and power, however presumably assist forestall damage at your elbows brought on by weak muscle tissues and extreme loading in your joints and connective tissues.

Learn how to Do the Tate Press

This information covers find out how to do the Tate press utilizing dumbbells. You may as well use resistance bands with a really comparable setup. You possibly can carry out the Tate press on a flat bench or incline bench, primarily based on which feels finest in your shoulders and elbows.

Step 1 — Lie Down

A person sets up to perform a Tate press.
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Begin by holding the dumbbells above your physique as you’d in a mendacity bench press place. Your thumbs ought to be subsequent to 1 one other, along with your palms ahead and elbows pointed outwards.

Coach’s Tip: Play with the diploma to which your elbows are pointed outwards. See what feels finest in your shoulders and elbows.

Step 2 — Bend the Elbows

A person performs a Tate press.
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With out transferring your shoulders, provoke the train by bending your elbows. Deliver your thumbs to the center of your chest. Preserve your elbows pointed outwards. The top of the dumbbells ought to contact your chest.

Coach’s Tip: Don’t let your shoulders spherical ahead off the bench.

Step 3 — Push the Pinkies Upwards

A person performs a Tate press.
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Prolong your elbows. Be sure you preserve your shoulders and chest out of the motion. Don’t push your shoulders upwards off the bench.

Coach’s Tip: To maintain the main focus in your triceps, take into consideration pushing your pinkies upward in the direction of the sky.

Advantages of the Tate Press

Including the Tate press to your program has quite a bit to supply lifters of assorted ranges. Listed below are among the ways in which this transfer can reinvigorate your program. 

Add Extra Triceps Muscle Mass and Energy

The Tate press targets your triceps and stimulates hypertrophy. When constructing muscle with isolation workout routines, ensure you’re utilizing correct loading and approach. In different phrases, to develop probably the most muscle, don’t use a lot weight which you can’t keep wonderful type. The purpose of hypertrophy is to effectively fatigue the muscle fairly than carry as heavy as you’ll be able to.

Utilizing a weight that challenges you however nonetheless facilitates stable type permits the Tate press to spark muscle development. And greater triceps means a lot bigger-looking arms, if that’s one in all your coaching targets.

Enhance Triceps Lockout Energy for Heavier Actions

Forging larger triceps isn’t nearly cultivating an aesthetic. Greater, stronger triceps assist enhance lockout power in your huge compound presses. You possibly can subsequently enhance your efficiency in actions like bench presses and overhead urgent.


Despite the fact that these lifts do make your triceps stronger on their very own, the good thing about remoted triceps coaching is which you can overload the triceps particularly. With compound actions, your chest and shoulders carry many of the load and your triceps assist. Usually, which means your triceps are the primary to present out — your limiting issue towards enchancment. Concentrating on the triceps particularly isolates muscle imbalances or weaknesses which will exist throughout heavier compound actions. 

Enhance Blood Movement to Elbow Joint and Connective Tissues

Excessive-rep units carried out for muscle isolation helps with rising blood circulate to native muscle and connective tissues. Doing high-rep units helps push blood circulate into your muscle tissues, improves circulation, and may help preserve your elbow joints wholesome. To do that, use lighter weights, management your eccentrics, and get a ton of reps in to really feel your muscle tissues get pumped up.

Muscular tissues Labored by the Tate Press

The Tate press is a focused urgent train that builds triceps power and muscle. This urgent motion is extremely remoted on the triceps as a result of the elbows are the one level that ought to be transferring freely by flexion and extension.


The triceps lengthen your elbow in pushing actions, particularly on the prime a part of the bench press. The Tate press works to develop triceps urgent power and stimulate muscle hypertrophy of the medial head (lengthy head) of the triceps.


Concentrating on the lengthy head is extraordinarily necessary, because it accounts for lots of your triceps dimension, however isn’t straight focused throughout presses.


Your shoulders shouldn’t be accountable for any motion or urgent through the Tate press. Nevertheless, they’re necessary for sustaining your place through the train. In case your shoulders are having bother remaining steady, scale back the load to verify it’s not changing into extra of a exercise in your shoulders than your triceps.

Who Ought to Do the Tate Press

The Tate press can enhance triceps urgent power, elbow joint well being, and hypertrophy, making it useful for lifters who depend on robust urgent performances.

Strongwoman and Strongman Athletes and Powerlifters

Constructing stronger triceps is vital for heavy overhead lifts, bench urgent, and common higher physique power. The Tate press provides quantity to your triceps coaching with out overloading your total physique. Plus, including further muscle mass and power to your elbow extensors may assist (probably) shield your joints from damage.

Olympic Weightlifters 

Olympic weightlifters can profit from together with triceps isolation actions though their main actions are full-body compound workout routines. Strikes just like the Tate press can enhance overhead power, lockout efficiency within the snatch and clear & jerk, and assist to attenuate damage on the elbow joint. Including the Tate press into accent segments, together with different tricep actions like dips, pushdowns, and overhead extensions are all nice choices to construct stronger triceps.

Common Fitness center-Goers

The Tate press can profit all gym-goers who wish to construct muscle mass within the triceps and increase urgent power wanted for heavy bench urgent and overhead lifts. You possibly can program the Tate press like a pushdown, overhead extension, and different triceps isolation workout routines. In different phrases, work towards rising hypertrophy fairly than attempting to construct max power on this carry.

Tate Press Units and Reps

In case you are wanting so as to add the Tate press into your exercises, combine them after your important power coaching. This can make it easier to construct stronger, more healthy triceps and elbows. Lifting within the average weight vary for muscle development and common power is your finest wager for muscle mass. Nevertheless, you can too prepare the Tate press with lighter weights for increased reps to drive muscle development and a ton of blood circulate to the elbows and connective tissues on the elbow joint.

To Construct Muscle Mass

In case your important purpose is to construct muscle, use average weights in increased quantity. You’ll sometimes do that after your important urgent power work of the day (assume: bench press, overhead press, and many others.).


Do three to 5 units of eight to fifteen reps with average to heavy weight. You may as well carry out two to 4 units of 10 to fifteen reps with a average load till failure. Relaxation for 45 to 90 seconds between units.

To Enhance Energy

The Tate press is a triceps train that can be utilized to construct power. Nevertheless, heavier compound actions are going to hold the principle bulk of your load. You’ll use single joint actions just like the Tate press to help within the total improvement of power. 

That mentioned, if you’re seeking to construct lockout power, give attention to coaching within the 5 10 rep vary, for 2 to 5 units. Attempt to carry a reasonably heavy load, however make sure that your type is image excellent and that it’s not inflicting you any elbow ache.

Tate Press Variations

Performing a Tate press with dumbbells on a flat bench isn’t the one method to go. The beneath Tate press variations provide slight tweaks to the dumbbell flat bench model and include barely totally different advantages.

Incline Tate Press

By performing the Tate press on a slight incline, you enhance the vary of movement of the flat bench Tate press. When including vary of movement to actions, you’ll be able to assist enhance muscle hypertrophy as a result of your muscle tissues get an even bigger weighted stretch.

When you management the motion nicely, you can too enhance joint and connective tissue well being and strengthen your finish ranges of movement.

Resistance Band Tate Press

You carry out the resistance band Tate press by extending your elbows towards band pressure. You’ll maintain the bands, both anchoring them on the ground or beneath the bench.

The bands can help you enhance the strain and exterior loading as your elbows lengthen. On the identical time, you’ll lower the loading as you go into deeper ranges of elbow flexion. This accommodating resistance overloads the triceps in numerous ranges of movement. That may assist rehabilitate your joints and connective tissues if dumbbell Tate presses are uncomfortable for you.

Tate Press Options

Whether or not the Tate press doesn’t really feel comfy in your elbows otherwise you simply need some extra selection, these options are nice for really triceps-specific workout routines. 

Cranium Crusher

You carry out a cranium crusher mendacity in your again and bending on the elbows. That half is just like the Tate press. The distinction right here is that you should utilize a curl bar, dumbbells, and even bands, and your elbows keep extra tucked into the physique that flared out. 

The Tate press targets the lengthy and lateral heads of the triceps. This transfer will shift much more emphasis to the lengthy head. That’s as a result of it hundreds the lengthy head barely greater than the Tate press.

JM Press

The JM press is a slight variation of the cranium crusher. In it, you decrease the bar to your chin or neck fairly than your brow or cranium. By taking the bar to your chin fairly than your brow, the JM press is extra of a hybrid between a cranium crusher and a close-grip press.

With this carry, you’ll be able to typically overload your tricep with heavier hundreds. However it could additionally probably decrease elbow ache for folk who might not be capable of carry out cranium crushers pain-free.

Triceps Pushdowns

The triceps pushdown is one other single joint tricep isolation train that you are able to do in excessive volumes. That quantity will increase triceps elbow extension efficiency, muscle mass, and blood circulate to your joints and connective tissues.

You possibly can carry out the pushdown with quite a lot of attachments, grips, and even goal the triceps unilaterally.

Overhead Triceps Extensions

The overhead triceps extension permits you to goal the lengthy head of the triceps. If you goal the lengthy head, you’re serving to guarantee optimum muscle development and arm dimension as a result of it’s such a giant a part of the muscle.

By performing the triceps extension overhead, you’ll be able to prepare the triceps in an analogous motion sample as overhead lifts and presses.

Last Phrase

The Tate press helps you construct larger, stronger triceps with out overtaxing your joints. By performing the Tate press and its variations and options, you guarantee that you’re not solely growing the triceps with heavy compound lifts. Since you’re giving your smaller muscle tissues further consideration, you’ll assist make your triceps as robust and highly effective as attainable. That means, you might be able to squeeze out just a few extra reps and add weight to your heavy urgent actions.


You’re able to get on along with your Tate presses, however you continue to have some questions. Beneath are just a few extra frequent questions on Tate presses and find out how to combine them inside your exercises.

What ought to I do if the Tate press bothers my elbow joints?

If this train prompts a small quantity of ache or discomfort, it is smart to determine why. First, scale back the load to see in the event you’d loaded up too heavy. Verify in case your angles are right. Strive utilizing resistance bands in the event you nonetheless get ache or discomfort from utilizing dumbbells. In case you are nonetheless in ache or have joint discomfort in your elbows, chances are you’ll wish to keep away from this train.

Ought to I begin or finish my higher physique pushing exercise with the Tate press?

Typically talking, you’ll wish to add these towards the tip of your session or after your important compound urgent work. You possibly can prepare this flippantly in warm-ups in the event you like. Strive these after your important heavier presses for the day in the event you’re seeking to actually goal your triceps.

How do I progress my Tate press?

You possibly can advance your Tate press as you do with another accent train. You possibly can progress this transfer by including extra reps, units, rising the load, or including tempos and bands to stimulate the muscle tissues.

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