March 31, 2023
Julius Maddox Bench Presses New PR of 361 Kilograms (796 Kilos) Uncooked in Instruction

Julius Maddox Bench Presses New PR of 361 Kilograms (796 Kilos) Uncooked in Instruction

On May 10, 2022, Julius Maddox took an extra large transfer towards his goal of bench pressing 800 lbs raw. Maddox posted a video clip of himself in training on his Instagram website whereby he bench presses 361 kilograms (796 kilos) raw. The video will be observed within the Instagram reel beneath:

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There had been 3 spotters on standby, and Maddox was sporting a lifting belt and wrist wraps when he completed the carry. Other than the pause on the underside, the bar by no means ever stalled on its means as much as lockout. This carry arrives lower than one thirty day interval after he pressed 317.5 kilograms (700 kilos) for 4 reps.

Within the caption of his put up, Maddox wrote that this was a significant hurdle for him to cross, however he had some additional drive to assist him break his plateau.

I’ve skipped this body weight +10 moments. Listening to my little women discuss to me when I’ll strike 800 kilos is greater than sufficient for me to put all of it on the road.

That is probably the most body weight that Maddox has lifted effectively on film. Additionally it is 6 kilograms way over his official world historical past elevate of 355 kilograms (782 kilos), which he established in February of 2021. 

Maddox’s new PR arrives virtually three months simply after Danial Zamani of Iran posted a film of himself benching 365 kilograms (804 kilos) on Feb. 21, 2022. Zamani pledged to boost 800 lbs or extra in a competitiveness simply after his elevate was posted, however he has however to contend in a sanctioned meet up with as of this crafting.

That is extra substantial than a title for me. It’s in regards to the very long-lasting have an effect on I am going away for my younger youngsters and relations. They tumble on difficult conditions and need to have some willpower!

Maddox is doing the job with mentor Josh Bryant on his personal pursuit of the 800 pound mark. BarBend attained out immediately to Maddox for his views on when he would endeavor to show into the initially man to eclipse the 800-pound milestone in competitors. Though he didn’t expose a day or celebration, he did say he wouldn’t waste time hoping to crack 800 kilos formally.

Quickly, my buddy. Time will typically notify if one thing is counterfeit.

The subsequent time that Maddox makes an attempt 800 lbs might be his third total. His to start out with crack at it was in June of 2020, however the barbell was misloaded when he un-racked it, and he couldn’t complete the elevate in a while. His subsequent formal endeavor got here at Wrigley Park in Chicago, IL, on June 10, 2021. That point, the bar was loaded with the correct extra weight, however he missed the elevate. The person recognized for “irregular energy” hopes that the third time would be the appeal, anytime that scenario is perhaps.

Featured Image: @irregular_toughness on Instagram