Important Discussion About Issues Students Face in Canada

Going to a foreign university and learning there is the most exciting thing for every student. It is a fantastic thing to inspire yourself to travel to a new place and meet new people. Students come to Canada from all over the world for its innovation, study, high-quality teaching personnel, and globally recognized degrees. Along with these numerous advantages, all first-year foreign students face significant challenges. 

This article will teach you about these issues as well as practical solutions. Remember that if there is a problem, there is also a solution. So don’t be concerned about anything. A smart and alert person can win any scenario. If you have any queries or concerns and looking for your concern of finding the best Canada study visa consultants in Amritsar, continue reading the article to learn more about them and other issues related to this concern.

International students face many problems when studying in Canada, and several of them will be discussed:

Keeping Financial Stability

The most difficult aspect for all international students is ensuring that they have enough money. Aside from tuition, you must also pay for food, lodging, transportation, clothing, and other expenses. During the semester plan, college and university students in Canada can work 20 hours per week as part-time workers. It is entirely up to you whether you do it on or off campus. You can use the opportunity to work full-time after the term is done to pay all of your bills. If you don’t have many connections or references, it can be difficult to acquire a job there. You should first establish acquaintances and save money to get a decent job.

Missing Home

Moving for the first time, starting school at a new university, or staying in a new place can be difficult. Regardless of how excited you are? How prepared are you? You’ll miss your house, friends, family, and surroundings. But don’t worry, people in Canada are kind, which is a positive thing. They welcome everyone, regardless of caste, country, or background.

Make new pals at your college and necessary changes in your lifestyle. Communicate with those around you. You can start a conversation with them by greeting them in the morning or evening, and they won’t stop you. Aside from this, there are several venues in your neighborhood where you can meet new people and escape from misery, such as clubs, festivals, local events, sports teams, and gyms. You can create relationships by attending these events. 

Work Struggles

After graduation, over half of all international students make plans to relocate to Canada permanently. Many of these students believe it is difficult to break into the job market. To gain job experience in Canada, apply for a co-op position through your school. The next phase is to connect with people in social groups to gain more attention. 

Family/Spouse Issues

A student from another country and their spouse are both welcome to visit Canada. One of them may obtain a study permit, while the other may obtain a work permit. A person with a work permit may feel alone because they are unable to interact with others until they locate the proper job. Check with your institution or college to see if they offer any integration classes. 

Academic Struggles

Many students struggle with academics such as math problems, essays, and other writing assignments. Even if you work extremely hard, you cannot always be certain of success. The majority of the time, problems arise as a result of language barriers. Students may comprehend the concept underlying the problem, but explaining it to the teacher in simple terms can be difficult. As a result, to succeed in school, a candidate must be fluent in English. 


Moving to a new location can make it difficult to stay busy. As a student, you must spend the majority of your time in class doing homework, studying for tests, and doing other school-related activities. You will sample a variety of cuisines that are unfamiliar to you. Because you don’t have much of a choice, being stuck in these situations makes you miserable. For further precise information, contact UK study visa consultants in Amritsar.


The main issues that everyone who moves to Canada faces are outlined above, albeit the issues may change from person to person. You become homesick wherever you travel, whether in India or elsewhere in the world. It irritates you for a while. As a result, if you follow the advice in the essay correctly, you will have no trouble settling in Canada.

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