How to Draw Wolverine Easily

How to Draw Wolverine. There are many awesome and colorful superheroes, but Wolverine still stands out!

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He is considered perhaps Canada’s most famous superhero and is known for his fierceness and bravery.

He started in comics in 1974 and has since become one of the most popular superheroes in the world and has since appeared in movies, video games, and more.

With so many fans, many would like to know how to draw Wolverine to show their admiration for this character.

This is the guide to follow if you’re one of those fans!

Our step-by-step Wolverine drawing guide will help you recreate the feisty Canadian superhero.

How to Draw Wolverine

Step 1

We’ll choose his classic comic look for this guide on how to draw Wolverine.

Wolverine is usually pretty mad at someone, so we’ll start with his angry eyes and use some rounded lines.

Like many classic superheroes, Wolverine will not have pupils in his eyes. Next, let’s draw his clenched teeth in the outline of his square jaw.

Before we continue, let’s also draw his iconic mask. His mask has two high, sharp parts that raise the sides and cover his entire face except for his lower jaw.

Using the reference image, carefully draw the mask and the two pointed parts, and then add some details to the mask.

Step 2

This particular superhero is short, stocky, and very muscular, and we’ll keep that in mind as we begin drawing the body for your Wolverine drawing. For now, let’s use some rounded lines for her thick shoulders.

Next, we will use some of these lines to begin his arms. His arms will be in a dynamic enough pose to show that Wolverine is in action! Then you can continue with the third step of the guide.

Step 3

When you think of Wolverine, you probably think of his sharp retractable claws, and these are what we will draw in this step of our How to Draw Wolverine guide. First, he pulls in his heavily gloved forearm, clenched into a fist.

After drawing him, let’s add slightly curved lines starting from his ankles. These will end in some sharp points to make them nice and pointy.

Step 4

We continue with the drawing of Wolverine and now add the other arm and some other details.

This arm will be stretched out towards us as the viewer, and like the other one you drew, we will use a lot of curved lines to make it very muscular.

Then his claws stick out of his knuckles again, and thanks to the angle, we can see them much better.

Before we go any further, you can pull his first leg under you,, which will be thick and muscular like his arms.

So we’ll finish off this step by adding some dark shading detail all over her body. You can refer to the reference image as you draw these details.

Step 5

In this step of our how-to-draw Wolverine guide, you’ll finish the final details before coloring him in for the next step.

First, you can add the other leg reaching down. This leg gives us a better look at his unique boots, which have two sharp protrusions resembling his mask’s look.

We then add even more dark shading detail throughout the design, and again, the reference image serves as a great guide on how to do this. Then you are ready for the final step!

However, you might as well add a few before proceeding. You could add a background to highlight your favorite moment with Wolverine, or you could draw some of his superhero allies charging into battle behind him.

Step 6

In the final step of your Wolverine drawing, you can complement this image by adding some amazing colors!

As mentioned above, this is a classic comic book theme for Wolverine, and we have chosen this theme for the colors as well.

That said, her dress is beautiful and bright, with yellow and blue colors throughout.

You can use the colors in our reference image as a guide if you want to achieve this look but feel free to change the colors up a bit.

You could create a unique twist on Wolverine, but he’s also had many design variations throughout history, so maybe you could go for one of these looks.

When coloring, a classic picture look can be achieved by using lighter means such as colored felt-tip pens and acrylic paints.

Your Wolverine Drawing is Finished!

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