March 31, 2023

Hey, Quick Challenge: Why Are Male Celebs All Buying Into Nail Care At present?

Welcome to our column “Hey, Swift Dilemma,” the place by we glance into seemingly random happenings within the vogue and sweetness industries. Take pleasure in!

In a modern Instagram keep takeover for Calvin Klein, Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson sat aspect-by-aspect at a nail salon, chatting about many dude issues as they acquired their nails carried out. Like a great deal of issues that occurred in 2021, when you would strung the phrases “Gear Gun Kelly,” “Pete Davidson,” “manicures,” and “Instagram takeover” alongside each other quite a lot of a number of years again, we might have had a complete lot of follow-up ideas. (And, to be simple, there are nonetheless a pair free finishes we would recognize tied up.) However one factor that created good sense? These two very well-known celebrities, and their mutual love of manicures.