March 31, 2023

Danial Zamani Bench Presses Monstrous 350 Kilograms (771.6 Lbs) In Training

The current planet report raw bench push is a brain-bending 355-kilograms (782.6 kilos) scored by Julius Maddox on the Hybrid Showdown III on Feb. 20, 2021. Earlier than that (and plenty of previous) complete world knowledge, Maddox’s freeway to beginning to be the very first human to bench press 363  kilograms (800.3 lbs .) led to a notorious misload on June 20, 2020, on the East Race Muscle Health heart in South Bend, IN.

As a result of reality then, there has solely been a single different lifter within the dialogue who may most certainly score the would-be well-known 800-pound bench press: Danial Zamani. Zamani took to his Instagram site just lately to article a film of his heaviest bench push caught on movie to day — a 350-kilogram (771.6-pound) carry. The rate with which Zamani moved a extra weight simply 5 kilograms shy of the all-time globe file is de facto value quite a few replays, so study it out beneath:

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The to start out with time Maddox scored a 350-kilogram (771.6-pound) bench press was all through a training session on Feb. 2, 2021 — simply 18 days proper earlier than he locked out the current surroundings file. Zamani and Maddox have been being scheduled to compete in a bench push battle on Jan. 24, 2022, on the Iron Wars V celebration held on the Iron Addicts Well being membership in Signal Hill, CA. Every lifters have been being more likely to endeavor the 800-pound milestone elevate and most certainly shoot for even further extra weight to safe the world historical past from the opposite.

Then again, that operate doesn’t present as much as have transpired, regardless that there additionally doesn’t floor to be an announcement pertaining to its postponement. In accordance to an Instagram article caption, the occasion’s organizer, C.T. Fletcher, is “nonetheless hoping to get [Zamani] and…Julius Maddox at Iron Wars afterward this yr.” Though Fletcher didn’t itemizing any potential dates for the conflict of elite bench pressers, Zamani did level out when he intends to aim the 800-pound bench push:

In 15 days I’ll endeavor planet doc my 100 p.c energy endeavor can be on 800 lbs fats. [sic]

Fifteen days from Zamani’s submit signifies he’ll try the 800-pound bench press on Feb. 8, 2022, nonetheless he didn’t level out the place. BarBend has arrived at out to Fletcher for comment if Zamani’s publish refers to a rescheduled Iron Wars contest or if Zamani will strive the all-time complete world document independently. This posting can be updated accordingly as much more data will get to be provided. If Zamani’s globe doc endeavor, presumably scheduled for Feb. 8. 2022, is productive, he would be the 1st human at any time to acquire the milestone bench push.

After that, it’s anybody’s guess at how a lot kilos each Zamani or Maddox would get in contact with for on the barbell at their pending bench press battle. Judging by Zamani’s the newest elevate, the all-time uncooked bench press complete world document because it stands could presumably not be prolonged for this complete world.

Showcased image: @danialzamani1 on Instagram