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When deciding on the top websites for healthy eating, I chose sites that have existed for a minimum of a few years, regularly update their content, share a wide range of cooking recipes and techniques and are easy to navigate.

Of course, my primary requirement was that these websites offer delicious and healthy recipes for whole foods that do not use processed or added sugars.

Get ready to eat clean and healthy.

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Then, let’s look at the websites! I’ve provided a brief overview of the most popular food blogs with links. Of course, if you’ve left off one of your favourite blogs, Please let me know with me in the comment section.

Remember my list of top appliances to cook healthy and nutritious meals.

Clean Eating Kitchen

I run Clean Eating Kitchen, Carrie Forrest!

I have a master’s in public health, which includes an emphasis on nutrition. In the main, however, I’ve documented my recovery from PCOS, autoimmune diseases and thyroid cancer through the healthy recipes I post on my website.

My blog has been up and running since 2009. I have an organized eating recipe index with over 700 recipes that include 30-minute meals, air fryers, and Instant Pot recipe recipes. I’m also a published cookbook author and the author of the most popular Healthy Meal Prep Instant Pot Cookbook.

I concentrate on using natural ingredients from the food industry, and my recipes are dairy-free and gluten-free without refined sugars.

Please find out more about my journey to health and sign up to receive my complimentary Clean Eating Quick Start Guide.


Cheryl at 40 Aprons is focused on healthy and simple. It’s not necessary to be complicated. Moreover, Cheryl takes the steps needed to ensure you can duplicate her recipes.

The website is bright and clean and lets cooks shine. The menu is excellent, and the recipe index allows you to filter your search by diet or favourite flavour and makes it easy to find a recipe for dinner for dinner tonight.

I’m fortunate to have Cheryl as a friend, and I strongly recommend visiting her website.

Cotter Crunch

If you’re gluten-free, be sure to visit Lindsay’s blog. She’s trained in nutrition, so her recipes will keep you healthy. She provides menu plans that ensure you stay on the right track, no matter what food your family loves.

I’ve been a regular reader of Lindsay’s blog since the beginning days, and it’s still one of my top blogs.


Sometimes, we want to go back to our favourite childhood foods. There’s nothing wrong with this! Megan is a fan of all the classics and increases their nutritional value so that it seems like you’re doing something right.

I adore her simple recipes, and her pictures are gorgeous.

Fit Foodie Finds

Fitness Foodie Finds is a delight because it’s more than just recipes or food. Apart from eating their fantastic dessert recipes, you’ll also learn about the top in fitness, beauty and travel.

Living is about living, and they’ve got everything covered.


Lisa is a minimalist who believes in “living clean.” This is a flexible set of rules to follow, but. Lisa’s philosophy is to do what you enjoy, eating the foods you love most, regardless of the latest trend, and ensuring that recipes are as close to the traditional food as possible.

By focusing on the basics and the simple, you can live your most fulfilling life with minimal effort. Lisa has also become a YouTube star and is on my list of the top healthy YouTube stars.

Jessica in the Kitchen

If you’re vegan and want to eat more plant-based foods, this website is for you! The homepage’s scrolling is similar to going through a beautiful magazine spread. Particularly, if you’re a brand trying something new or considering a diet change, I encourage you to check out the section on Guides.

There are lots of exciting and intriguing vegan ingredients that can be difficult to work with at first. However, Jessica will guide you through all of them to ensure you are at ease when cooking.

Love & Lemons

Jeanine’s site is gorgeous, and her pictures are breathtaking. The site is focused on eating seasonal produce that can allow you to enjoy the taste and discover what eating a plant-based diet can be all about.

Since Jeanine and her husband are focusing on food production, you will see an array of foods at their home, making me smile every time I see it.

Real Simple Good

It’s a one-stop shop to shop for Whole30 or Paleo living. If you’re starting with one of these diets, deciding which foods you “can” eat can be challenging, especially when you want to focus on eating real food instead of convenience food.

I also love that Justin and Erica concentrate on the whole body to ensure wellness. They also discuss how a healthy and active community can aid your healthier lifestyle. I had an interview with Erica in my podcast as well!

Ambitious Kitchen

Monique writes about a lot of her feelings on her blog. I am awed by the fact that she can write about her experiences and the lessons she has learned about it. It is essential to be who you are, not who everyone else believes you ought to be. It is a fantastic combination of healthy and nutritious recipes and delicious desserts that are perfect for when you want a delicious dessert.

She’s also an excellent resource for mothers looking to discover their ideal balance.

Real Food RDs

I love it when dietitians speak about their experiences. Education is often an area that needs to be covered when we talk to medical doctors or investigate health concerns.

However, actual health starts from within. Stacie and Jessica love simple ingredients combined into tasty, simple recipes. If you need help with your health and fitness goals, the Meal Prep section will help you plan and prepare your meals to achieve your health goals.

Clean Eating Couple

Liz was fed up with her mood and changed her lifestyle to healthier eating habits. She recognizes that catching up with many buzzwords and complex recipes is easy. Her blog is centred around using only the most basic pantry items to stay nutritiously and not have to spend the whole day cooking.

Everyone doesn’t want to stay in the kitchen for a long time, So this is another blog I highly recommend for meal planning and preparation for those who want to make a simple lifestyle change.

Stay Snatched

Brandi simplifies things, as staying on the right track and focusing is simpler when you create a consistent kitchen.

She’s all about time savers, such as using an air fryer to cook delicious food quickly. The site even has a category for entertaining drinks, no matter which style you prefer.

Days of Real Food

Lisa and Jason are from their time eating the “Standard American Diet” and changed the way their family was eating. It’s a joy to see them working with their daughters to help function in the kitchen, and this will aid you in getting your family on a healthier path as well. They do not have formal education but have done their studies and are devoted to keeping their families healthy.

I was fortunate enough to attend Lisa and Jason’s presentation at a food blogging event several years back, and I’ve been keeping up to date with their blog ever since.


Gina is well-known for her dishes that hammer all the essentials of every “diet” you can think of. However, unlike other chefs who resort to artificial ingredients to conform to the diets of others, Her recipes are focused on making them quick and simple and lightening the weight of the classic meals that are comfort food.

This is a fantastic recipe book to fit any diet you require, whether it’s the weight loss program of Weight Watchers and avoiding allergens or reducing your carb intake.

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