Amazing Charts EMR Vs. AdvancedMD: A guide to end all guides

You may have read many articles, trying to draw differences between Amazing Charts emr and AdvancedMD, but you are here because you are not fully satisfied. Do you have all the accurate information regarding their pricing? Have you fully understood their features, and are the demos actually worth it, all is unpacked in this highly efficient article, topped off with our honest opinion and thoughts, highlighting why we love this software so much and what are their shortcomings.

Amazing Charts EMR Software

Now, one great thing about Amazing Charts is that it was founded by doctors, for doctors. So you know this software has all that you need to cover as it provides accessible medical technology to independent and small clinics. Amazing Charts provides efficient options for many tasks, including charting, e-prescribing, messaging, bill coding, etc.

Amazing Charts EMR Features

Ease of Deployment

Both on-premises and cloud deployment options are available for Amazing Charts EHR. If you select their “Amazing Charts in The Cloud” service, maintenance and troubleshooting will be taken care of for you automatically.

Patient Portal

You can feel at ease with the patient portal feature and may interact with your patients more regularly both inside and outside of the clinic. The app’s patient portals provide services like electronic messaging, educational resources, visit summaries, test results, and more.


A single dashboard gives you access to all of your important panels and data elements. Users can also browse the patient data on this dashboard.

Amazing Charts EMR Pricing

Different tiers come with different packages. It costs about $35/seat/month (or $199/user), plus a one-time service license price of $1200/clinician and a yearly fee of $1,195/clinician for the “Guardian Angel Support and Maintenance” plan.

Amazing Charts EMR Demo

Be sure to take full advantage of the Amazing Charts limited-time trial run that allows users to test the site before committing fully. If using the EHR is on your bucket list, you should definitely take use of this service and the demo screening.

Amazing Charts EMR Reviews

If you’re looking for comprehensive cloud-based EHR capabilities and practice management tools, this software is all you need, according to user evaluations of Amazing Charts.

AdvancedMD EMR Software

AdvancedMD EMR suite, which is mobile-first and cloud-based, is flexible enough to seamlessly integrate into the workflows of most enterprises. It was created especially for medical facilities like hospitals. Many healthcare companies use it to administer finances, automate billing, schedule appointments, access patient records, keep track of patients’ health, and deliver virtual therapy.

AdvancedMD EMR Features

Appointment Scheduling

While using medical scheduling software, users can easily access appointments and patient data by hovering their mouse over the calendar. Recurring appointments, tracking patient visits, and reminding patients electronically can all help lower the number of no-shows.

Patient Portal

Patients can request office visits, pay bills, examine lab results, and communicate with their doctors via the patient portal. Doctors can communicate with patients through the portal, handle requests for prescription renewals, and provide alerts and warnings.


Telemedicine technology facilitates face-to-face conference calls and protects the transfer of still photographs or clear screenshots from video conferences by storing them in patient files in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

AdvancedMD EMR Pricing

There are numerous plans available to meet the requirements of different practice types, depending on the particular features and capabilities that a medical practice desires. Rates per provider for Advancedmd’s Essential, Professional, and Ultimate price categories are $249, $349, and $449, respectively.

AdvancedMD EMR Demo

You can book a demo if you wish to check out the software’s functionality and quality.

AdvancedMD EMR Reviews

More than 70% of the assessments that addressed the system’s modification gave the improvements that could be purchased as add-ons favorable ratings.

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Amazing Charts EMR Vs. AdvancedMD Software—Final Thoughts

Amazing Charts has HIPAA and Meaningful Use certifications. With the aid of cutting-edge EHR software, you can constantly meet your client’s needs and have the most accurate picture of their health and operations for billing purposes. If doctors become depressed due to stress at work, your business could lose tens of thousands of dollars. EHR software makes their process less hectic, and managing their administrative and support staff is easy.

While AdvancedMD is recognized for its use of the patient portal, which enables patients to connect with their doctors online, seek medicine refills, examine test results, and more, allowing for significantly increased user involvement across the entire healthcare process. It helps to streamline workflows by integrating a full facility with various departments, neighboring pharmacies, and labs thanks to its integrative features and customized templates.

Finally, you should continue your own study by making more comparisons and reading as many customer evaluations as you can.


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